2023 Rules

How it works

  1. There's no need to pre-register for the egg drop, just attend Open Sauce on July 15th or 16th and build! Construction materials and eggs will be supplied.
  2. Talk to an egg drop booth admin to be assigned a competitor ID and matching tag.
  3. Scan your tag's QR code, and fill out the entry form. Once you submit, the construction timer begins!
  4. You have 10 minutes! Build your egg protector contraption using the supplied materials.
  5. Once complete, bring your contraption back to the admin. They'll confirm its weight, note how long it took you to build, and put it on display.
  6. The eggs will be dropped starting at 2:30 PM each day! Come hang out and watch the carnage 🍳

Detailed rules/FAQ


  1. The egg drop event will run on both days of Open Sauce. Construction will begin when the show opens each day (9:00 AM for VIP/premium ticket holders, 10:00 for general admission), and will run until approximately 2:00 PM (exact time TBA).
  2. Entry is first come, first served. Our goal is to have about 200 community contraptions built and dropped per day.
  3. One entry per attendee, please. There are limited spots and lots of people who want to participate.
  4. Competitors will enter and build their contraption at the booth in the morning/early afternoon. There will be a big event starting at ~2:30 PM each day where all the community-built eggs will be dropped. More details about this event TBA.
  5. Of course you're encouraged to come watch the drop live, but if you miss it for some reason, your result will be posted at a URL specific to your contraption (assigned during the entry process).


  1. The contraption weight limit is 1 pound (455 grams). The average egg weighs about 2.5 ounces (70 grams). The minimum weight allowed is 1 ounce (28 grams).
  2. Stick to a reasonable size. Booth admins have the final say on what reasonable is, but generally, make sure your contraption won't interfere with others by using the test dropper at the construction booth.
  3. Attach the provided keyring to your contraption so it can be mounted to the dropper. Use the test dropper for double-checking your connection.
  4. Attach the provided tag to your contraption. Don't forget to write your name and the contraption name on the tag.
  5. Construction materials, tools, and eggs will be supplied. Tools available: Hot glue guns, scissors, flush cutters, pliers, staplers, and box knives.
  6. Be considerate with material use. Remember, lots of other people need to protect their eggs, too!
  7. The 10 minute time limit isn't strict (i.e. we won't disqualify you for going a bit over). Lots of people have to build in a limited time though, so please be respectful!
  8. Outside materials like stickers or similar items are allowed. Other materials may be allowed at discretion of booth admin. We're not running a bracket, so you're really just competing against gravity. If it's safe, not too large/absurd, and doesn't violate any of the broader Open Sauce rules, it will probably be allowed. However, please note that you will not be able to get any construction materials back after the event.


  1. Rules are subject to change, watch this space.
  2. Booth admins have the final say on any questions related to construction/the rules.
  3. Have more questions? Ask an admin for help!